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Greetings :), my name is Rafal Bielski and since 2007 I've been involved in 3D Mapping projects and interactive systems development. The current and past experience gained since 1993 in VFX,TV and Games Dev where I created, as a concept artist, 3D graphic designer, technical director, programmer, musician, video editor, director and supervisor, allows me to call myself experience designer.
For a long time science and technology have been my driving forces and now I use them for searching and discovering new fields for human perception, which is also one of my biggest passions. 3D Projection Mapping, Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications and Development of Multimedia Systems based on Human Interaction are my current specialisations. On this page you will find selection of projects in which I had the opportunity to participate and information about me.

Demo Reel

Projects in which I had the opportunity to participate in the years 2010-2017

The Rafal Bielski Team | @bielskiteam

I always look for opportunities to work with talented people from all over the world. That's why The Rafal Bielski Team was born. @bielskiteam is a worldwide team of professionals working with me remotely.  Currently in my network there are over 400 talented people from different fields such as, 3D graphic designers and animators, programmers and technical directors, constructors and engineers, supervisors, directors, production managers and others. The proven, remote workflow that has been developed since 2009, lets me to work with the team smoothly and keep the flexibility that allows me to compose a team according to project needs.

COVRA | Mirrored 3D Projection Mapping

08.2017:Netherlands.  Another cooperation TRBT with NuFormer. 3D Projection Mapping at the opening ceremony of a new building at the Nuclear Power Plant in the Netherlands. The guest of honor was Princess Beatrix. Animation: TRBT, Sound FX: Uchostudio, Production: NuFormer

GOOGLE DEVELOPER DAYS Europe 2017 | Event Opener - Projection Mapping

07.2017:Krakow/Poland.  Project realized for NuFormer company and my first project for Google. Concept:by me, Animation: TRBT, Music: Peter Van Straten, Production: Rob Delfgaauw - Nuformer 

Content Creation

I have been professionally involved in 3D animation since 1995. In the early stages of my career I specialized in lighting and shading, then I became a 3D generalist and learned to develop software tools for 3D animation in Houdini and Maya. Then I was a team leader and supervisor of 3D teams, at the same time actively creating and designing 3D animations which I have been doing until now. I've had the opportunity to work on special effects for movies, commercials, animated films, animations for games and other productions. In the meantime I became interested in video editing, developing my skills in that field. The combination of music and video has always been a very important part of my work, so I began to specialize in music video editing. In the years 1999-2006 I had the opportunity to participate in production of more than 100 music videos and movies as a video editor.

Since the early 2000s I was interested in video art and intearctive art, so In early 2005, I began experimenting with content creation for 3D video mapping and interactive installations. Since then I  specialized in creating ideas, design and animation production for multimedia exhibitions and events based on 3D projection mappings as well as interactive systems.

NFL SUPER BOWL 51 | Water Projection and Projection Mapping on Marriott hotel 

02.2017:Houston/Texas.  Project realized for NuFormer company. I was responsible for concept cretion (together with Rob Delfgaauw from NuFormer), team supervising and content creation. 

Exhibition Development for Museum of Polish Song in Opole

The project realized for Eractiv and W2M company. I was responsible for team supervising, applications development, content creation (only video mapping) and data managment. Big thanks to Maja Bielska , Konrad Jakubowski and Lukasz Furman for great cooperation and amazing dedication. More credits in video.

Kronopol Show Room | Interactive Exhibition based on 3D Mapping + Augmented Reality 

The project realized for Eractiv company. I was responsible for team supervising, concept creation, application development,  content creation and also for technical consultation and projects such as projectors position, server configuration and construction of physical scenography. Thanks to Damian Zaprucki for great cooperation.

Software Tools for Multimedia Systems

In 2006-2007 I had the pleasure to work for the first time on Derivative's TouchDesigner, which in my opinion is the best programming environment for interactive art, multimedia and new media systems. Since then, inspired by its possibilities I have started to study the development of applications for multimedia and interactive systems. I develop custom tools or whole setups depending on needs. Until now I have oportuninty to develop apps for interactive multimedia exhibitions in museums, interactive 3D mapping systems for show rooms, 3D mapping on moving objects -with robotics, interactive projection floors and walls, public-augmented reality screens. VR exhibitions, tools for video mapping content managment and many other applications and tools. For most projects I use TouchDesigner but in some cases also work with Max MSP and Unreal Engine 4.

Virtual Reality game for museum exhibition

I was responsible for concept creation, technical consultations and VR app development  based on TouchDesigner. The project realized with Eractiv and W2M companys for installation in Museum in Zamosc. Big thanks for my daughter Maja Bielska for strong support. It was my first commercial VR project.

NC Plus Opening Event: Stage 3D Projection Mapping 

Concept creation, content development. Project realized for White Kanga company

Interactive Scalpture:  3D Mapping + Robotics

3D Projection Mapping on moving objects / robotic base platform, with augmented reality background - proof of concept.  I was responsible for concept creation, content creation and programming. Project realized with and for White Kanga company. Thanks to Arek Rekita for effective  colaboration on this project.

THE CAR | Interactive 3D Mapping on moving mock-up + IPad control

Real time car custmisation - 3D Mapping on a moving object. I was responsible for concept creation, content creation (excluding the car model), TD programming and Ipad interface development. The project realized with and for White Kanga company.

Interactive projection - wall & floor 

Interactive system installed in T-Mobile showroom in Warsaw. I was responsible for applicaton development and the technical project. The project realized for New Amsterdam company. 

The Bottle | 3D Mapping + Human Interaction + Augmented Reality  

The purpose of this project was to see how illusion of refraction could be achieved using 3D mapping and robotic platform. I was responsible for concept creation, content development, human interaction programming, shaders development, camera shooting, editing and music for the video.  The project realized for and with White Kanga company.


I am a person who is passionate about my work and is constantly looking for new challenges and inspirations. I am open to any proposals for business and artistic cooperation. I am looking for partners interested in offering my / our services in other countries. If you have an idea, contact me.

Concept Creation

Ideas for experiences

We create concepts and scenarios, storyboards mockups, we do technological, technical and art design. You can ask us for inspiration or we can work base on Yours inspirations and values. 

Content Development

For events exhibitions and a/v systems

3D projection mapping, interactive games, augmented reality and virtual reality experiences, sound fx and 360 video content production. We have experience in all these fields and passion for it.

Technical Support

Technical Directors on deamond

From R&D and selection of technology through the selection of equipment, programming to implementation and integration and much more. We provide full technical support during the project development.

Worldwide Services

Proven international workflow

We can come to any place in the world or realize the project remotely. Flexible production pipeline created for remote work, successfully allows us to implement projects around the world.